Q&A #2

I posted a photo last Friday with the caption if you had any questions for me and some of you did. So here is a little Q&A with the answers to some questions that you asked me!

What do you feed here? @ibfilysm

I only eat dry food and very different kinds, not one brand in particular. I also eat treats and also different kind of brand and types haha. I’ve tried wet food, but I just lick it and then throw it up right away..

How did June get her name? @monicasisson 

My humans thought about it for a while and humom really liked the thought of a Disney cat name, but there weren’t really ones that stood out. My cat dad soon came with June because I was born in June and they both liked it really much!

How often do you get brushed? @curby7774

I hate being brushed.. I hate it so much my humans can’t even brush me when they do it together. So I don’t really get brushed. I do have a shower every now and then where humom uses cat shampoo.

Does June like to be cuddled? @courtnayjane

I only like to be cuddled when I want to. And when I do I go overboord, I cuddle extreem haha! But when I don’t want to be cuddled, I run away as fast as I can!

What’s your favorite thing to do outside? @heyitslu

I love to do many different things because being outside it already great on it’s own! Mostly I just sit on the fence and look over the garden dreaming away. But I also like spying on birds or going to other gardens and spy a little there.

What kind of water bowl/fountain does June use? @moniquechicks

I have two water bowls in the house. But what I love most is shower water. My humans have to run the shower a little and then I will lick the water from the bottles etcetera haha.

Thanks for sending your questions!

x Junethekitty