Q&A #3

I posted a photo asking you if you had any questions for me. So here is a little Q&A with the answers to some questions that you asked me!

My dating life

Are you still single? @lucky_and_choco
It may surprise you, but yes I am. Wanna ask me on a date?

Do you have a bf? @bocatblue
Surprisingly I don’t. Is this Teddy asking? haha.

Wanna go on a date with me? (Hylke) @hylke_and_yfke
I would love to! Where are you taking me?

What does your perfect date look like? @call_me_jinxx
I love to have a great meal, watch the sunset from the top of my garden shed together and snuggle a bit.

How much would it cost me to smooch your floof? @catswiththeirtonguesout
Just you coming over here to the Netherlands!

My good looks

What percentage fluff are you? @siberian_odyssey
I have to say about 99%!

Do you loose a lot of hair? @xafiandauri
When It’s time for me to loose my winter coat, I loose a lot of hair. You know those tumbleweeds in the wild west? That’s what you see in our home but only made of my hair.

How do you stay so fluffalicious? @meowlaska
It’s not that hard. You can do it too! Read it in the blog I wrote about keeping my fur this fabulous.

What kind of brush does your meowmy use for your hair? @lefusadi
They use none, can you believe that? Read it in the blog I wrote about keeping my fur this fabulous.

Which hair conditioner do you use? @crazycatcarlos / Which hair products do you use to get so much volume? @call_me_jinxx
My hair is all natural! No hair products needed. Read it in the blog I wrote about keeping my fur this fabulous.

How do you manage all your fluffiness? @mandalatheragdoll
It goes all by itself really. Read it in the blog I wrote about keeping my fur this fabulous.

How many whiskers do you have? @doubletrouble_sphynx
My humom tried to count them for you (I move a lot): Currently I have about 35 whiskers.

How much do you weigh? @leo.mainecoon / @mozzythecat
A lady shouldn’t tell, but I’ll tell you this little secret. I’m 4,5kg.


What’s your favourite treaties? @neemiebear
I have a guilty pleasure! Those are the whiskas sticks. Read more about it in one of my previous blog posts.

What type of food do you prefer? @princetite_princessoyan
I prefer dry food. That, beside treats every now and then, is the only food I eat. When I eat wet food, I vomit.

Other pawesome questions

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? @lunathelynxragdoll
I would go somewhere where there is a lot of nature to have great outdoor adventures. I love being outside in my garden, so having an even bigger one would be a lot of fun.

Do you let people kiss your cute furry face, or do the claws come out? @snuzzbunnyink
I don’t mind people kissing me! I never use my claws to scare people away.

What type of cat litter do you use and are you pleased with your Litter-Robot? @jupiter_the_brit_cat
I use very thin and clumpy one. That is the best to use in your Litter-Robot because it has to filter out what is pee and poop and what is cat litter.

I’m very pleased with my Litter-Robot. I haven’t pooped outside of the litter box since we have this one. Before that I always pooped on the front door mat etc. Not something my humans really liked.

How the fluff are you so cute? @milaivyofficial
That is a good question haha. I guess it’s a combination of my fluff, pretty colors and personality.

What’s your favorite day of the week? @thebirmantwins
Gotta love me some Caturday. It’s the start of the weekend, so my humans are most of the time home to play with me and the name is purrfect.

Do you like football? @ats_and_nicklas
When the Netherlands is participating in the world cup or Europe cup I love to watch it, but when they are not I don’t (like this year).

I am pretty good in soccer though. Watch it here and here!

How many hours do you sleep every day? @ladylolathecat

I have to say about 16 hours a day. Then my beauty sleep is really shown.

Are you okay with being carried? @parkerandlily
I don’t mind, but only for a little while. When I’m carried too long I want to get back on the ground fast.

What is your favorite game? @snow_the_whitecat
There are many games I love and they change all the time. I do still love to jump in my tunnel when my humans are chasing me. Humom made a video about it. Watch it here.

Have you ever visited Hawaii? @mochiykohi
Unfortunately I haven’t. I will never travel anywhere, but I think it would be a lovely place to visit!

What is your biggest nightmare? @vlindercat
That we are out of treats! And that is almost happening, so I have to send my humom shopping soon.

What you go crazy for? Catnip, food, cuddles? @kafka.the.kat
I always go crazy for (certain) treats. But at night I also wake up my humans for some cuddles. And by waking up I mean really scream (go crazy)!

Do you have any tips for growing as big as you? And would you ever want second cat? And do you like living in the Netherlands? – @my_unique_petz
There aren’t really groundbreaking tips. Just keep posting every day, make great content and comment and like photos of other accounts (so keep active yourself).

My humom would love to have a second kitty, but my cat dad is fine with one. So it will only be me.

The Netherlands is great to live in. It could use a little less rain though haha.

What do you think about when you pose for pictures to get such glamorous shots?! @peneloperosemelodydepp
I think about when it will be over haha. The older I get, the less cooperative I am, so it has to be done quick.

What is your favourite toy and why? @belleandbronte
I never have had a toy that I loved forever. I always pick out a new one and play with it for a while. I did have one when we moved to our new house. Read more in my other blog post.

Do you like to get your tummy scratched? @prince_meatball_the_ragdoll
I love it only for a few seconds. But I guess most cats are like that right? haha.

Why you’re so cute? @luqui_and_luno
Aaw thank you! I must be a combination of my fluff, pretty colors and personality.

Do you prefer boxes or bags? @morris_the_persian_cat
I have more access to boxes, so I have to say boxes!

What camera/settings does Meowmy or Pawpa use to take your pictures? @hermione.the.magic.kitty
Because I’m a kitty that moves around alot, humom always uses the sport setting.

x Junethekitty