Q&A #1

Yesterday I asked you if you had any questions you wanted to ask me and some of you did! So here is a little Q&A with the answers to some questions that you asked me!

How old are you? – @malisamohlisi72

I was born on June 5 back in 2013. That makes me 2,5 years old now.

Do you like Harry Potter?@mysticwitch18

Well, who does not? haha. And of course Crookshanks is my favorite (Hermione Granger’s cat).

Whats your back story?@athena_the_germanshepmix

A friend of my humans was breeding her female Siberian cat with a male Maine Coon cat. She had a nest in 2013 that included me. I came in my humans live when I was just a kitten of 12 weeks old.

Why you are so cute? – @geysha_divinity

Thank you Geysha! hihi. And well, it’s all in the genes haha.

I’d like to know, if you know how your siblings are doing and what they look like now? (If you had siblings)@ragdollgino

I do have siblings! There were three white (including me), three tortoises and a red one in my nest. And funny enough, I found one of my siblings via Instagram. His pops Lucas found me on Instagram and thought our cats looked so much alike, we could be siblings. So he approached my humom and we found out he was actually my real brother. His name is Pip and you can find him via @thepipstercat. He’s not active on that account anymore, just his personal account. But you can see pictures of him there!

Sadly I don’t know how the rest of my siblings are doing. I did try to find them, but the breeder doesn’t have any contact information anymore.

Where do you live? Are there siblings in your home?@grandma_jane_xoxo

I live in a town called Purmerend close to Amsterdam in Holland. I don’t have any siblings or other animals living with me, I am the only ruler in this house haha.

How is the neighborhood situation (new neighbors in the house with the fire). How is the garden? – @moosefoswald

The house that caught fire a while back is still empty. We don’t know when it will be rebuiled, so weird! The house is all boarded up, but there is still rubbish in the garden like a washing machine.

We also have new neighbors, they live in the house next to us (not the house that was on fire). They have been rebuilding the house for the last few months (it was very old from the inside), so there has been a lot of noise. Even today they were working with a hammer for a long time, sigh. In their garden there’s also a lot of rubbish. I’m not sure if they live there yet, we do think so. They unfortunately never introduced themselfs. Humom is not scared that I will go in their house (like I did with the last neighbors). They never have the garden door open and it’s been a few months, so I know the old neighbors are gone. We will see when it’s summer if that will be a problem!

What are your nicknames? – @floracats

I have a lot of nicknames! Some Dutch, so I will try to explain for everyone haha:
– Juny/Junie
– June pronounced in Dutch, so not a Dj but just a J haha
– Vriendin (girlfriend)
– Kotsertje (someone who pukes alot)
– Stinkerd/Stinkie (stinker)
– Slijmbal (begger)

Thanks for asking the questions!

x Junethekitty