Really, another vet visit?

As you could read a few weeks back, I had an abscess on my right leg. It hurt a lot and my humans couldn’t pick me up at all without me screaming! The vet gave antibiotics/painkiller that my humans had to give to me a few days. All was better and the wound healed up great!

The abscess returned

But past Thursday I again had pain when my humans picked me up. They searched, but couldn’t find anything. They even checked the wound, but it still looked good.

The next day I was getting worse. I couldn’t sit, was limping and the pain when my humans picked me up got way worse! Humom saw that the spot on my leg was wet and looked. The wound opened again! So weird, because the previous day it looked good.

Back to the vet

Humom called the vet and we could be there that evening. Turned out it was a leftover from the abscess. It can happen that something is left behind in the bottom of the abscess and can come out weeks later.

Now I’m on antibiotics and that’s not fun. Because as a side effect, I have diarrhea! And because I have such long fur, I get poop pants.. That means a lot of showers :(.

The humans have to give me these meds for five days and then call back the vet to discuss. For now the wound doesn’t look good, the skin is really open. Hopefully it will close and heal soon!

x Junethekitty