Today I had my first ever roadtrip! Of course I made trips to the vet in the past. However those were like 5 minutes in the car because it’s not that far from our home. But to get to were we had to go this time, it was half an hour drive. So a bit different from the vet trips I’m used to.

My experience on the road

Humom carried me in my Snorhaar bag to the car. Soon after we lefted I started to meow and growl. After a while, humom opened the bag so I could have a better look at was was happening.

It rained quite a bit! So I not only had the noises of other cars around me to deal with, but also the rain on the roof and windows. And those scary windshield wipers were there as well!

The whole way there I was rolled up in my bag, just taking it all in! When we arrived at the spot I was very curious at what I could do in that car and where I could go. I left the bag to get on humoms lap and started to have a look out of the window.

Soon it was time to go, because this roadtrip had a purpose. I had a photoshoot for humoms work! For World Animal Day next week they made furniture for a cat and they needed a cat to model with it. Who else to ask but me right? When the product is live, I will show you the results of that shoot in a new blog post.

The way back

The trip back home was way better. I was so much more relaxed. This time humom opened the basket right away because she saw how I stayed in it on the way there. But I suprised here! When she was driving I jumped out of it on her lap and stayed there. She did had to stop to but me back because I got way to excited and it got a bit scary haha.

Overall it was scary at first, but exciting in the end!

Do you have lots of roadtrips with your cat and how do you deal with that? Tell me in a comment below.

x Junethekitty