Scared little kitty

I’m not always the fierce kitty I appear to be. This is hard to imagine right? I can be scared sometimes. You may need more context, so let me tell you about it..

The scary noises

Not all cats who are like me get to spent the day outside. All because of the type of breed they are. Lot’s of people don’t let their cats outside because they are afraid they will be stolen (or get lost of course). So I’m really greatfull that I can go outsidfe, because the outdoors is amazing! I get to run around, explore new things and sniff new scents.

But the outdoors are not always as great as I make it sound. Sometimes there is a strange noise coming from eather the alley or another garden. And this can make me a bit scared. When that happens, I run back inside and go sit behind the glass on the windosill safe and sound. Just checking from a distance.

Now and then It’s even more funnier. Well, my humans think it’s funny. Because I start to growl!

But after a little while I go back outide and defy the fierce kitty I am (or suppose to be)!