Secret Santa 2015

Tonight was the night! Me and my friends could all unpack their Secret Santa gift. And is was so exciting! Secret Santa is a game where you exchange Christmas presents anonymously with a group of, for example, friends or family. You’re each assigned to another member of the group for whom to provide a small gift. In our case, it’s a gift for the cats of course!

My presents

Humom saw a lot of photos and videos come by on her phone of all the gifts that were being unwrapped. Unfortunately for me my humom was having dinner at her parents, so she was a little bit late with unwrapping. But when they got home, it was also time for me to unpack my gifts!

My Secret Santa was @powerpuffkittehs. She gave me a lot of fun toys to play with! I totally love the feather stick! And there is even a catnip toy. Thank you for this wonderfull gift furriend!

My gift was for @mirlilevy_cats. Look how cute they are posing with the presents! Humom even photoshopped a photo of us three together. Cute right?

Secret Santa made possible by @avelthesiberiancat, @thebirmanbrothers, @the_coonies, @floracats, @mirlilevy_cats, @powerpuffkittehs, @purrminators, @serious_bo, @thorandlokithecats and myself 🙂

x Junethekitty