Secret Santa 2017

This year we did another #duchtsecretsanta with 10 Dutch Instagram cat accounts! Secret Santa is a game where you exchange Christmas presents anonymously with a group of, for example, friends or family. You’re each assigned to another member of the group for whom to provide a small gift. In our case, it’s a gift for the cats of course!

My Secret Santa this year

This year I had yet another pawesome gift! I got my presents from @avelthesiberiancat. And what is pretty funny about that is that last year I was their Secret Santa!

My box was filled with pawesome gifts. I got different toys, different treats, a pawesome sleigh scratching mat and a beautiful homemade jewelry piece from their own store @aveljewelry. This jewelry matched purrfect with my blue eyes.

The sleigh I absolutely love. I don’t just sit on their most of the time. My humans also found a funny way to entertain them and myself with it:

The Secret Santa group

This year I was the Secret Santa for @serious_bo. Humom secretly already gave some presents from this arrangement when she visited them a few weeks before Christmas. But of course, they had no idea. I has to stay a secret till Christmas!

Secret Santa included my furriends:

Humom knows her furriends all via Instagram and went to a cat café together back in 2015 where they first met in real live. She now has contact with them every day and they even visit more cat cafés together.

x Junethekitty