The neighbors

In our garden it’s only possible to go eather to the alley or to the left neighbors when climbing the fence. And ever since I learned how to climb the fence, I go to the neighbors more and more often. Sometimes to just cross and go to other gardens and sometimes I just lay in their garden.

Who are the neighbors

The neighbors are a friendly older Dutch/Italian couple. They have a cat of their own called Gucci. She told my humom that they found Gucci as a stray around the neighborhood a few years ago and took him in (they don’t now if he’s a boy or girl but my humom caught him spraying in the front yard so she knows he’s a boy haha). Gucci doesn’t like me very much, but I think he’s ok!

For some time now I do something else when going to the neigbours. Last week humom saw me entering their house! She wasn’t really happy about that. Both of my humans weren’t. Yes they are nice, but I should not enter anyone’s home! Luckily I was out shortly after that and my humom called me back inside my own home.

Last week my humans had a barbecue at a friends house and I was still outside. They wanted me inside before they left, but after calling and calling I did not come. Humom got a bit worried and went to the neighbors to ring the bell. And there I was, in their living room!

They asked if they were ok with entering their home and she was. But the neighbors have their house on sale, so when they sell it and new neighbors come my humom doesn’t want me just enteringa strangers home. But yeah, I’m a rebellious haha so we will see how it goes.

x Junethekitty