Tips for moving with your cat

As you may have read on my Instagram or in another blog post, we put our house up for sale last year. We already had a new house (it’s bigger and just across town). The only thing we had to do was sell our current house. It took over four months, but we did it! And we will be moving to our new home in the best month of the year: June. Time to infesticate moving with cats.

Moving cat

I’ve only had one move in my whole live. That was from my birth home to my forever pawrents home. And as I was really young then, this time it will be a lot different! And because it’s my first ‘big’ move, we can use all the tips we can get. We already found some great ones you can read below.

  1. Getting comfortable with the carrier. My carrier is a pawesome bag by Snorhaar. This bag is always in our living room (it’s not just a carrier, it’s also a great decoration piece) so I’ve become very comfortable with it. And I’ve had a few vet visits lately, so I couldn’t ignore the carrier haha.
  2. Getting comfortable with the moving boxes. My humans are already packing up slowly so we have a lot of boxes in the house right now. So that is so much fun! I’m getting pretty familiar with the smell.
  3. Keep the routine consistent. Preparing to move means that my humans will be busy packing boxes and running errands. Even with these changes in their schedule, they have to make sure that they keep my routine as consistent as you can to reduce my anxiety with the move.
  4. Set up a cat-safe room. On moving day, people will constantly be moving from room to room and going in and out of the door. This level of commotion will make me anxious. Keeping me in a separate room will protect me from the commotion (and from running out of the door). In our new home, I will have a room all to myself with all my stuff in it!
  5. Keep me indoors for a few weeks. Unfortunately for me, this is important. The outdoor environment will be just unfamiliar as the inside of our new home, so letting me out too soon may cause me to run away. It’s too bad we are moving in the summer! But my humans will walk me with a leash to get used to the new garden (which is three times as big!).
  6. Change the mircochip information. Although I plan not to get scared and run away, my humans have to make sure my microchip has the right information on it. I have a little chip in my neck with this information on it so when I’m being brought to the vet, they can locate my pawrents. Right now the current address is on it, so my humans have to change it.

If you have more tips, please let me know in a comment!

x Junethekitty