Toy story

I’m a very spoiled girl… I have a lot of toys! And we are still a little in the cleaning mode because we recently moved (and that’s the time you throw things out), so it was time to sort my many toys.

Handy Curver baskets

We got handy baskets from Curver to sort my toys in. We had four to fill, so we filled a basket per type of toy. One for a mix of toys, one for balls and mouses, one for stick toys and also one with not toys.. but my bow tie collection!

But because my toys are know on display and not in drawers and baskets I can’t reach, something funny has happened.

The toy that lives

Not many days after we organised my toys, humom came home after work and found one of my toys on the front door mat. She had to laugh, because I never did that before. Getting the toys out on display for me to reach, makes me play with them!

After that, they found the same toy almost every day outside of the basket in a different place in the house! And humom thought is was funny to make a picture of it and to make a toy story. So here you go:

One time, I found the best hiding place because my humans could not find the toy! They searched everywhere, but only found it when they went to bed. I hid it under the sheets haha!

And as you can see on the photos, there is one at night. I actually played with the toy at night and left it in my humans bed so they woke up next to it. Aren’t I sweet?

Do you guys have a toy you really love? Let me know in a comment!

x Junethekitty