Trip to the vet

Like almost every pet, I do not like trips to the vet. Being in a carrier in the car, not knowing where you are going and when you finally get there being suprised with a trip to the vet.. How can that be fun? Unfortunately I’ve had a few experiences with vet visits. Let me tell you about them.


Ever since I’m off my kitten food about a year ago, I’m a hot mess. I’ve had a lot of vet visits and all because I just kept on throwing up. They couldn’t really found out what it was (after a scan and a few shots etc.), so my humans just tried a lot of different foods. For a while, one type of food worked. But then I was just throwing up again.

After that, they thought it might have something to do with me eating greedily. So they gave me a food toy where I had to work hard to get a nubble. I still use it sometimes, but it’s not really working.

Untill this day, I’m still throwing up. So if any of you have tips, let me know!


But now why I had to go to the vet this time. It’s really embarrassing! In the middle of the night I woke up my dad because I wasn’t feeling well and he could tell. I had been drooling all night and my furr was really wet. Because when I was sleeping, I couldn’t control it. So I would get my furr all wet. He than woke up mom, who thought he was exaggerating and went back to sleep. But after a while I also woke her up and she felt how bad it was. So the next morning, after sleeping against her legs all night and soaking her bed sheets, she called the vet and I could come over that afternoon.

As almost any other pet, I didn’t like it there. I was just crawling like a little ball in the carrier. The vet was really nice thought, she said I am a very pretty girl. She couldn’t find anything in my mouth and she said I have nice and cleen teeth! So I could be drooling because I’m nauseous and because of that she gave me a shot. We just have to keep an eye on it!

She also measured my temperature and it was just a little high, but nothing to worry about yet. She weighted me and I’m a (big or small?) girl of 4.9 kilogram!

PS: If you look at the first picture above, you can actually see me drooling!

x Junethekitty