True snow Queen

Don’t you just love snow? Well I do! I love how beautiful it makes nature look and how fun it feels on my paws. We don’t have snow very often in the winter in the Netherlands, but when we do I fully enjoy it! And once again I proved to be a true snow Queen! Read more to find out why.

Snow in the Netherlands

Snow is not a very common thing in the Netherlands. We only have it a few days in the whole winter. When we do have snow, it most of the time falls in a specific province. And that is not the part where I live. So when we have snow it sure is fun to watch! But it’s even more fun to play in it. And today was a fun day because we had falling snow! Most of the time I wake up and it’s white outside, but this time I got to play in it while it fell down.

Snow Queen

And like a true Siberian (ok I’m half Siberian, but still haha), I faced the snow like a true Queen! I stayed in the snow while it was falling on my fur and I didn’t let it bother me! It was just a lot of fun to be in it!

I also started running like crazy in it, it’s fun to see the snow stay where it is! This time I even started eating the snow. After all, it’s water right?

x Junethekitty