Twin cats

There are many different breeds of cats on the world. Being on Instagram, I see many of those coming by. The funny part is that many of those kitties look like me even though they are not the same breed as I am. Read more to find out who looks like me!


I myself am a mix between a Siberian (my mother) and a Maine Coon (my father). But there are other breeds that can look like I do! Here are some of the breeds of the kitties I found that look like me:
– Siberian Lynx Point
– Ragdoll (and Ragdoll / Burmese)
– Birman

Meet my brother

In my early days on Instagram, I’ve found my actual brother on Instagram! The nest I am from had three white kitties (two girls and one boy). At first, my humans wanted a boy. But in the end they fell in love with me. The owner of my brother soon found me on Instagram and now I can watch my brother grow up. Even though we are siblings, we do look very different (Pip from @thepipstercat).

Meet my twins

Who do you think looks the most like me?

x Junethekitty