#twinkitty Mela

The definition of twin kitty is two cats who look almost exactly the same. And I tell you, there are a lot of kitties out there who look like me! So every few weeks I will post a #twinkitty on my blog showing you who my lookalikes are.

#twinkitty Mela

This time it’s up to @Melathekitty from Italy. We not only have our Instagram name in common, but we sure do look like each other. And, yesterday on March 29 she celebrated her 2nd birthday!

Curious about Mela? Read a story her mom Valeria:
Hi! My name is Valeria, I’m 27 years old and I’ve always been a cat lover. I owned a cat since I was 3 years old and I never could live without a feline friends since then. In 2012 I adopted a little grey kitten from a shelter that I named Neko. The year before my 11 years old cat that grew up with me, died. It was heartbreaking and after a year I was very happy to give my love to another little kitten. Unfortunately Neko had a cardiac disease, but the vet I had at the time didn’t notice it and the poor kitty died before turning one! I was totally broken. I couldn’t believe that stupid man didn’t notice a disease so simple to diagnose. Well, it was a month later that I saw the picture of a little, tiny and cute face on Facebook. A friend of mine had a litter of 3 newborn kittens in search of a furrever home. I loved her since that moment! I haven’t seen her in person yet, but I knew that she was going to be my friend! On June 3, 2013 she came home with me and she became my sweet little girl. We sleep together, we eat together, we play together every day! Mela is not a very snugly cat, she doesn’t like too much smooches and cuddles, but she has her ways to show me her love: every time that she sees me her tail lifts; when I call her she always answer with a sweet meow; she purrs to me every time that I touch her and she follows me when I walk around the house or the garden like a puppy. I really love her and I’m pretty sure that she loves me. I’m really happy now. She is always there for me, and she never makes me feel alone.

Find Mela on Instagram by clicking here.

x Junethekitty