#twinkitty Muffin

The definition of twin kitty is two cats who look almost exactly the same. And I tell you, there are a lot of kitties out there who look like me! So every few weeks I will post a #twinkitty on my blog showing you who my lookalikes are.

#twinkitty Muffin

This time it’s up to @Tunafeast from San Francisco. Muffin is a beautiful 5 year old ragdoll.

Curious about Muffin? Read the story from her humom Amanda below
Muffin is 5 years old and I adopted her from a shelter in Marin, in Northern California, when she was 2. Now she lives in San Francisco and is an indoor city cat. Muffin has kidney disease so she takes many medications, but you wouldn’t know that by her lively spirit and zest for running around the house. She goes outside on a leash sometimes, but doesn’t have as many adventures as June!

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x Junethekitty