Update Jazz

Jazz has been with us for two months now. So I thought it was time for a little update on how she is doing in her new furrever home. But most of all, how things are going between Jazz and I! Curious? Read along…

The first few months

As I told in my previous blog post, I wasn’t best furriends with Jazz right away. I really kept my distance. And that hasn’t really changed…

Jazz is a very active kitten and that’s not something I’m used to in the house. I often growl and hiss at her.

My behaviour also changed. I’m a lot more grumpy than I used to be and sometimes even growl and hiss at my humans. Mostly because when they pick me up I think they will put me near Jazz.

Thankfully I almost every night get to keep my favorite spot on my humoms legs. I do often wake up my humans in the middle of the night with a hiss because Jazz wants to join me haha.

Good news

It could have been much worse of course! There are cases where the kitties really can’t stand each other and always fight. I’m not like that. I don’t always growl and hiss and sometimes I even try to smell her out.

And.. I’m also teaching her my ninja moves! We play fight a lot. And at those moments, I don’t growl and hiss at her at all!

Jazz and her new home

Jazz felt right at home from the beginning. She is running around like crazy and really enjoys every moment. She loves my humans (especially my humom) and gives them cuddles and kisses. She also has a very loud purr. Not something my humans are used to, because my purr is so soft you almost can’t hear it!


Do you guys have any tips on how to get me to like Jazz a bit more? Love to hear them!

x Junethekitty

Jazz has her own Instagram. You can follow her via @thekittyjazz.