Walk to the park

You see more and more people walking their cat(s) like they are dogs. It’s a great way to keep your cat save and let them have the expierence of the great outdoors. Walking your cat isn’t weird anymore! I also had a walking experience. Let me tell you about it!

Road to the park

Together with my humom (and a furriend of my humom) we went to a park nearby in my U-pet, a backpack to carry small animals (just like a carrier you take to the vet)! Even though I’m half Maine Coon and half Siberian, I’m a very petite lady. So this bag is purrfect size for me!

The park is not that far from our house, so we walked the way there. The bag has different breathing holes and of course the most fun is the one in the front. That way I can show people I’m in there! But for me, the ones on the side are the best. I just lay down on the bottom of the bag and because the side is semi open, I can still look outside and feel save at the same time!

Scary but fun

I like the outdoors when we are talking about my garden, but being in a place I didn’t know was a bit scary. As you can see in the video I wanted to go back in the bag every time haha. I was also a bit shaky at some points. But the whole way to the park and back home I was comfortable in my bag just enjoying the fresh air!

And even though we saw other humans who laughed a little when they saw me being walked, it’s not that odd anymore! Walking your cat is totally normal and should be done more often.

Do you ever walk your cat?


x Junethekitty