Welcome James & Jay

In case you missed it, I have two new brothers since June 22. Maine Coon boys James and Jay now have a furrever home with us. Let me tell you a bit more about them.

Maine Coon

James and Jay are Maine Coons, the feline version of a gentle giant!

Maine Coons strut with confidence, flaunting their tufted ears and paws like snowshoes. But don’t let their size fool you – they’re all heart, making friends with everyone from humans to the occasional dog. Part-cat, part-dog, and totally fabulous, Maine Coons are the regal goofballs of the cat world.

And because they are boys, they most likely will be getting very big.


James and Jay come from a small cattery from the lovely Hetty. Their mother is called Misty and their dad is called Jamie. They were born on March 19 into a litter of 6 kittens with James being the odd one out haha. He was the only grey one amongst all gingers. All the kittens in the litter had names from the Lion King. James was called Rafiki and Jay was called Simba.

They both grey up to be the ones eating the most of the litter and being the heaviest. We’re very curious how big they will get!

First character traits

James is a feisty one. He showed that when he got a mouse toy and wouldn’t let it go. James is also the one that will challenge me (June) the most right now.

James is the sweet one. He will follow you around everywhere in the house. He also talks a lot. And with a lot I really mean a lot! He has this little prrt sounds he makes all day.

Keep watching my blog for more updates about my new brothers!

x Junethekitty