Welcome Jazz

My humans were looking for a new kitty to add to the family. Even though we almost have Brutus adopted into the family haha, they wanted an extra kitty so that I have a buddy to play with when they’re not at home.

Norwegian Forest cat

When looking into breeds, my humans both fell in love with the Norwegian Forest cat breed. Not only because of their looks, but also their personality! Humom soon found a cattery who just had kittens. There were a lot of them in many different colors. When she went to take a look, she fell in love with the red kitties. The chance that a red kitty is female is low, but they had THREE female and one male red. And they really wanted a sister for me. That’s when they picked Jazz!

The first week

December 14 was the day they could take Jazz home. The ride home was two hours, but Jazz did very well. She did want out of the bag, but stayed on humoms lap.

When arrived, Jazz felt at home right away and started looking around, playing and cuddling with my humans. I on the other was a bit shocked and had a good sniff. I didn’t want her close to me and hissed at her when she did come to close. Even though Jazz really wanted to give me head bump and cuddles, I didn’t want that at all.

At night I always sleep next or on humoms legs. Because Jazz was suddenly there, I kept my distance. My humans didn’t want me to feel left out so they slept seperatly the first night. The others nights they made a kitten room for Jazz to be in. That way I had the bed all to myself (beside my humans of course, but they know it’s my bed!).

How it it going now

I’ve been the only cat for six years in our home, so it does take a while for me to accept a kitten. However, it really is going better by the day. I let her closer and don’t always run away when she comes my way.

Last night was the first night they didn’t put Jazz in the kitten room but let her sleep with us. I was on my humoms legs and Jazz was next to it. Eventually Jazz joined me on humom. I didn’t run, but I did switch position so that my butt would be directing her way. That went good! Also in the middle of the night humom noticed I was between her legs and Jazz was next to them. So we were very close.

Today, I even almost made the move to clean Jazz her head when I was cleaning myself and she was getting really close.

Follow the adventures of Jazz

Jazz has her own Instagram so she could (well try to be) just as big of a star as me! You can follow her via @thekittyjazz.

What do you want to know?

You guys must want to know even more about how things are going between us. So please, ask away in the comments below!

x Junethekitty