Welcome June

Hi everyone! My name is Nancy and I’m the humom of the beautiful June. As this is our first blog post, I thought it would be fun to tell you how we met our June. So keep on reading and find out!

To find a kitten

I always loved cats, I grew up with them. So when I moved in with my boyfriend, having a cat was the one question he could not avoid.

After a long time nagging about it and searching for kitties (that I just kept showing him) he finally gave in. It was really great that a friend of ours just had a litter of kittens in June. The litter was a combination of a Siberian mother and Maine Coon father, so there was no doubt those would be some pretty kittens.

Picking a kitten

The first time we met all the kittens, we fell in love with the three white ones. The other colors in the litter where orange and grey/tortoiseshell. Within the white kitties, there was one male and two female. Instantly, we wanted the male. Not sure why but we thought it a male would overall be easier.

Coming back for a second visit we changed our mind. We kinda fell in love with the darkest one of the three white ones and yes she was female. Meeting them for the third time, we made up our mind. It was going to be the darkest white female kitty.

The name

Naming the kitty was very easy. At first I wanted a Disney name, but there were little female Disney cat names I liked. My boyrfiend came up with June, the month she was born in. I also liked that name, so it became June!

On August 12th 2013 it was finally there, we could take her home! From that moment June’s adventures in her new home began.