Welcome Mason

Many of you may have seen it on our Instagram. Our humans were expecting a baby! And on September 4 the moment was finally there; we welcomed our baby brother Mason! And we would love to tell you how it goes.

The first meeting

Our humans have been home almost every day since March because of COVID-19. They worked from home and were hardly ever gone all day. So it was very odd for us when they left early in the morning and came home late in the evening (around 10 pm). And not only that, they went away together but came back with a little human!

They sat Mason down on the ground in his car seat and Jazz was the first one to notice. She was a little shocked that there was something moving in there. But other than that, we pretty much ignored it.

The nights

Mason slept in my humans room and because our humans did not know what we would do if they slept, they locked us in the living room for the first night. Let me tell you.. I hate that! I meowed a lot and scratched the door. Jazz on the other hand just went to sleep..

They had to come up with another plan. For the second night, they only closed their bedroom door and Mason’s room door so Jazz and I could go everywhere in the house. But still.. I hate that! I love to be near my humans at night and love to sleep on or next to humoms legs (specially with the autumn weather arriving). So I scratched their door in the middle of the night. They let me in and I ignored Mason being there and slept on humoms legs or the scratching post.

That went on for a few nights. Jazz didn’t really mind the door being closed, she just went asleep in other places in the house. But it was not ideal for my humans to get up every time I wanted to enter or leave the bedroom. So eventually they left the door open and it went well! Both Jazz and I left Mason alone.

After a week they tried letting Mason sleep in his own room and that went very well. So now they don’t have to close their door anymore, just his.

How is it going now

We’re still not always aware of Mason’s presence. We just live our lives like we used to. But there are some funny things to mention:

  • Whenever Mason is crying or making a lot of noise, I start meowing like a concerned mother cat and won’t stop until he stops.
  • Jazz gave Mason a little lick on the head once.
  • When humom was holding Mason in her arms on the couch, I joined them on her lap.

Do you have a baby and how does your cat or cats respond to it?

x Junethekitty