Why do cats love boxes?

Like any cat, I looooove me some boxes. No matter what size or no matter how they look, I like to squeeze my big fluff into one. Getting a new scratching post isn’t half as fun as the box it came in, right? Do you recognize this with your cat? There is a very logic answer to why cats love boxes so much. Humans finally figured it out why with research. In my blog you can find out the results of this research, so let’s keep on reading!

Research found the answer

Researchers from Utrecht (that is a city in the Netherlands) discovered why cat love boxes so much! They say that boxes can reduce the stress level of cats. Whether for drinks, pizza or moving, your kitty crawls more than happy into it. Cats who live in a home where there is a box to find is quickly becoming accustomed to their environment. They are less stressed and faster searching contact with people. Many cats would rather hide in conflict instead of fighting. If your cat crawls in a box, they feel safer and avoid negative attention.

Beside that, a box simply is warm. The cat thrives in warmer conditions, warmer than humans like it. Therefore cats crawl more often on your lap in the winter than in the summer (then it’s already hot enough).

Do you have any boxes in your house for your cat? If not, make sure you get some, because as you can read it it very good for your kitty! And if you don’t like to have a plain box in your house, make a castle out of it to make it more appealing and fun for you and your cat.

Does your cat like boxes too? I love them, but I also love to eat them haha (as you can see in the video in this blog).

x Junethekitty