Winter wonder land

Autumn is not my favorite season. The Netherlands is a country where it rains a lot and autumn is a season that is known for it’s rain. So the past few months I was in trouble! But of course, autumn turns into winter. Read more to find out how much I love that!

From Autumn to Winter

Because of the rain my humans don’t let me play outside that often. I have a lot of fur and it takes a while to dry when it’s wet. So when I’m not allowed outside, I have to watch the outdoors from behind the window. That makes me sad because I really love my time in the garden! So with the winter around the corner, I see more outside fun time!

And guess what? We had some purrfect pre winter days here that made it look like a Winter Wonder Land! Past weekend it’s was pretty cold, dry, there was a beautiful blue sky and there was a little layer of frost! All this was pawesome for some outdoor photos! Don’t I look like a winter princess in them?

I left my pawprints all over the frost to let the neighbor kitties know who rules this garden!

x Junethekitty