Year overview: 2018

2018 is officially over and I love to share some moments of mine from the past year with you in a year overview. Find out what all of these moments were in this blog post.

Best moments of 2018

  • I’ve reached 100.000 followers on Instagram this year!
  • One of the most fun things: I met my neighbor cat Brutus! This year was the first time he was allowed outside and we became best friends.
  • I was featured in three different magazines (GRAMMIE, Vrouw and Flair), in a newsarticle on a website and in a newspaper this year!
  • I had some beautiful photos taken with my humom by Bmoments and for magazine Flair.
  • I (finally) have my own room in the house! At the end of the year the attic was available for me to have a room. Now all we need to do is laminate and paint.
  • I learned how to poop inside the litter box thanks to the Litter-Robot (my humans are more happy about this one than me..)
  • This is the fourth year I have my website live! Thank you all for visiting my website.

Below you can see the most liked photos/videos from 2018 from my Instagram. Funny enough it’s dominated by videos (there are 5 in there haha).

Thank you for all the love!

x Junethekitty