Year overview: 2021

2021 is officially over and I love to share some moments of mine from the past year with you in a year overview. Find out what all of these moments were in this blog post.

We will always remember 2021 as a sad year where we lost a beautiful soul. It will never be the same without our stunning, funny and loving Jazz.

Moments of 2021

  • It was the first time Jazz ever experienced snow. We had a big pile in the beginning of the year. It turned out she was not a big fan of snow and cold.
  • My baby brother Mason is growing fast. He started rolling, crawling and walking all in one year. I have to hide up high or he’ll try to catch me haha.
  • I did some great collaborations with different brands like Gourmet, zooplus and Rawrycat.
  • This is the seventh year I have my website live! Thank you all for visiting my website.
  • And of course Covid-19 is still going on.. My humans are still working from home (which I don’t mind because I get a lot of cuddles)

Below you can see the most likes photos from 2021 from my Instagram. All of course featuring Jazz.

Thank you for all the love.

x Junethekitty