Studio Snorhaar

Cat lover and designer Regina Mol created an amazing Travel Cat Bag collection. It’s a bag that is not only great for transporting your cat or a small dog, but also is a great basket to sleep in and looks great in your interior.

Regina personally came by with a bag to tell me all about how the collection established. How she really examined the cat and her love to work with different materials and textures.

The bag, mine is the grey version, is made out of 100% wool felt and vegetable tanned leather. It has many peepholes in it, so the cat retains control of it’s surroundings without being visible. It’s also a great and safe hole to sleep in and has place for pets up to 8 lb.

Want to know more? Take a look on Studio Snorhaar’s website, Instagram of read more in the Snorhaar magazine.

PS: Wonder what Snorhaar means? It’s whiskers in Dutch.

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